Mohamad Ariau Akbar

I Write, Design Software.

Over 4 years of experience in shaping digital things for people's use.

I've been working with many startups since then to participate in early ideation, market validation and fast-paced execution across different levels of product stage starting with sketches and wireframes then going all the way to polished mocks, interactive prototypes and engineering.

I took part in early product development with startups like BuruflyHappy5Snapcart & Bizzy. I also have worked (Remotely) with San Francisco based mobile development agency, BayInteractive to help them develop apps for Autodesk & KQED.  

In short, I do things like:
* Define UX strategies
* Design user interfaces
* Create product concepts
* Coding softwares

Now I'm working for Bizzy Indonesia as Product Designer to make painful business process easy. 

and yes, that is my working desk. Have a great day!